Posted on: April 23, 2012 5:07 pm

My Hornets Draft/Free Agent Ideas

At this point theres about 3 draft scenarios at this point that interest me that will include a trades with the Celtics & Warriors and sorry theres no Rondo included.

Scenario 1 Draft Anthony Davis with #1,trade the 10th pick,Jarrett Jack and Xaiver Henry to the Celtics for the 22nd & 42nd picks and trade Trevor Ariza to the Warriors 29th pick.With 22nd pick draft Fab Mello,29th pick John Jenkins and 42nd Scott Machado.Anmesty Okafor

C McGee-Smith-Mello
PF Ilyasova-Davis-Ayon
SF Batum or Matt Barnes-Aminu-Jeff Green
SG Gordon-Courtney Lee-Jenkins
PG Deron Williams or Goran Dragic-Vasguez-Machado

Scenario 2 Draft Drummond with #2,Same trades,at 22 Tayshaun Taylor,at 29 Draymond Green and 42nd Kris  Joesph.Anmesty Okafor.

C McGee-Dummond-Smith
PF Ilyasova-Green-Ayon
SF Batum or Barnes-Aminu-Joseph
SG Gordon-Lee-Gerald Green
PG Williams or Dragic-Vasguez-Taylor

Scenario 3 Draft Gilchrist,same trades,at 22 Mello,at 29 Green and 42nd Machado.Anmesty Okafor

C McGee-Smith-Mello
PF Ilyasova-Green-Ayon
SF Barnes-Gilchrist-Aminu
SG Gordon-Lee-G Green
PG Williams or Dragic-Vasguez-Machado

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Posted on: April 11, 2012 2:18 pm

My Saints Mock Draft

3rd rd Nick Jean-Baptiste (DT) Baylor
4th rd Jack Crawford (DE) Penn St
5th rd Joe Long (OT) Wayne State
6th rd Tashaun Gipson (CB) Wyoming
7th rd Damien Jackson (FS) Ole Miss

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 2:31 pm

Could we be seeing a new Saints QB in 2012?

Maybe it could happen but not re-signing a top 5 QB at a top 5 QB salary like Drew Brees could be the P.R goof of the 21st century.He's not like LeBron James where he's on a team with a decent starting line up and a weak bench and decide to test the market but choose Miami on a hour broadcast.Brees has one of the best offenses in the NFL for the past 5 years despite losing to the 49ers in the division round of the playoffs the 2011 saints was a team that broken milestones people would never thought would never ben broken.Brees broken Dan Marino's most passing yards in a season and almost most broken Johnny Unitas most tochdowns in a season.Now in a offseason with no lockout to deal with the Saints have alot work to do as in resigning player besides Brees,the draft,trades and free agency.Some people wonder if Brees were to walk because he wants more money, or go to a larger market, or a team with a whole lot salary cap space would be the worst case scenario for the Saints.A public outcry could be the next step he'll be a free agent on march 5th if no deal is done by then.If the worst case scenario could be a reality here are the Saints options.1.since the saints doesn't have a heir apparent to Brees resigning Chase Daniel would be a no brainer.Daniel been with the Saints since 2009 and knows the offense and is a little shorter than Brees but doesn't have starting experience but just garbage time paying for the Saints.As of right now you'll have to re-sign him but in a back up roll.2.sign a free agent could it be Peyton Manning,Alex Smith or Kyle Orton? no Saints want to see anyone take that helm but Brees but you've to understand if that were to happen Alex Smith would be my choice because Peyton Manning health issues would be a concern to any team at this moment of his career. 3 neck surgeries in a year "Retirement Mode" and Orton to me is back up since losing his job to Tim Tebow last season with the Broncos,later waive and pick up by the Chiefs where he struggled there too his glory years was with the Bears.3. draft a QB since 2011 was the top QB class and with no 1st rd pick getting a mid round QB could be your choice finding an Andy Dalton,Ryan Mallet or T.J Yates type could be diffcult and the same could be a steal.Arizona's Nick Foles,Michigan St Kirk Cousins,Bosie St Kellen Moore and Houston's Case Keenum would be good chioces for the Saints to draft even if they do re-sign Brees i wouldn't be susprise if they draft a QB to work under Brees for the next 4-5 years.All we can do is wait and see if the Saints will re-sign Brees.
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