Posted on: September 7, 2011 9:19 pm

The Hornets future in New Orleans

It seems to me that the Hornets future in New Orleans is prgressing in better shape than to some people especialty in Seattle ever expected.The reality months ago that a NBA franchise in New Orleans long term had it doubts.When late 2010 George Shinn then owner decided to sell the franchise to Gary Chouest who is the minority owner and is still interested in buying team just to let you know with other inverstors on board.The high price tag Shinn was asking for the team was high for Chouest.Now owned by the NBA the leauge wants local ownership or an outsider that will keep the team in New Orleans.In reality the Hornets cost between $250 to 300 million dollars it could slim down to less than $250 million due to the price tag the Atlanta Hawks was sold for recently.Yes we know about the high price tag the Warriors,Pistons and 76ers was brought for but teams like the Hornets is going to be brought less due to being an medium market thus regionally the team just like their NFL conterpart the Saints will be the best option.As we speak the Hornets are in talks with the state of Louisiana for a long term lease on the Arena and a no attendance benchmark requirement.With the strong Civic,fan and political support of the Hornets this franchise have a greather future in New Orleans than the Jazz that was here over 30 years ago.The tickets sale are surging near it's goal of 10,000 season tickets sold really showning outsiders that New Orleans can support 2 major leauge sports.Once the lockout is over and the Hornets once sold this team can really build into an contender.With an owner(s) who cares no expense will re-signed or extend Chris Paul contract,maybe David West's contract and sign some free agents.This team will be in the same level as the Lakers,Mavs,Thunder and Blazers.Contending for a title is name of the game in the big easy.Geaux Hornets!!!
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